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Hair Planners


We want to help as many people as we can achieve their hair goals by showing them the exact steps they need to take to overcome their obstacles to great hair, and teach them how establishing a good hair regimen counts. 

When using our oil blend, along with the planners below as well as the recommended products, you create an unshakeable roadmap for achieving your goal. 

These tools will make it easier than ever before, and will allow you to plan, act, and achieve. Through your daily actions by following the planner, you can grow and retain more hair in less time by focusing on high impact activities like timely protein treatments and scalp exfoliating. Create new habits for maximum results!

90 Days Hair Growth Planner (2 Pages)


12 Weeks Hair Growth Planner Checklist (1 Page)


90 Days Growth Calendar Style Planner (3 Pages)


4 Weeks Wig Regimen Planner (2 Pages)


30 Days Vitamin Regimen Planner (1 Page)

Capture5Vitamin Regimen