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What makes our oil blend different from our competitors?

Our product is very well thought out, from the oils contained in the blend to the bottle itself. Our goal is to give you the best product possible without any harmful chemicals that can cause inflammation.

What’s not in our product?

If you go to the beauty supply stores, supermarkets, pharmacies or any online marketplaces, the majority of their hair oils contain ingredients that the natural hair community is well aware of and avoids: petroleum, lanolin, mineral oil, liquid paraffin, and many other petroleum byproducts. We’ve taken our product one step further and chose not to provide you with the four items listed above, even if they would have increased our profit margin.

Plastic Bottles – BPA/BPS – Most of our competitors place their oils in plastic bottles. BPA is well known to leach into the contents of the bottle and subsequently into your skin when applied. BPA is an endocrine disruptor and can cause hormonal imbalance, fertility issues, and has been linked to obesity and diabetes. Did you know that although the bottle may indicate that it is BPA free, it most likely still contains chemicals that are very much like BPA? Many use BPS because it has not been tested for the problems BPA is shown to cause. One key factor to bear in mind is that most essential oils and some carrier oils can be caustic. Thus, they can eat or degrade the plastic container, causing even more of BPA, BPS and other harmful chemicals to get into the product itself and eventually into your skin and scalp.

Fragrance – We made a personal choice not to include fragrances in our oil blend. Most fragrances are synthetic and are made using petroleum byproducts. Fragrances can be dangerous when applied to the skin as they contain harmful chemicals. Some fragrances are even dangerous when inhaled, as the chemicals can go right to our brain and nervous system. Whatever scent the bottle you purchase has, it is from the oils itself. We understand that sulfur has a particularly bad smell. If the smell of our oil blend with sulfur is offensive to you, use it instead as an overnight prewash treatment, and use our regular blend without sulfur regularly. There are many products that we use in everyday life that contain harmful fragrant chemicals. Oils that you are applying directly to your scalp should not be one of them.
Canola oil is made from the genetically modified rapeseed plant. It was genetically modified to reduce the amount of erucic acid, a poisonous substance in the rapeseed plant. This oil was further genetically modified so that it is resistant to herbicides. The name itself is made up, ‘Canada’ plus the Irish/Scottish word for oil, ‘ola,’ thus we have canola oil. The oil goes through a long, extensive manufacturing process. It is chemically extracted with a solvent, washed with sodium oxide (aka lye, the same substance used to perm hair) bleached and deodorized, among other things. By the end of the manufacturing process, with all the chemicals and heat applied to the oil, the oil is already oxidized and rancid. Since the oil has been deodorized, you are not able to tell that it’s rancid. Oil going through such a process loses most, if not all, its beneficial characteristics. This oil is also cheaply produced, which explains why it is in almost every processed food and a lot of personal care products.
Soybean oil – The majority sold today in the US is genetically modified. Even if the oil itself is made from organic soybeans, it contains many properties that may make it harmful to use. As a known endocrine disruptor, the compounds found in soy can mimic the effect of estrogen, causing hormonal imbalance. For those of us who suffer from fibroids, endometriosis, and PCOS, this can possibly aggravate our symptoms. With soy being such a controversial product, it is preferable to avoid it altogether.

Why Choose Conscious Essence Oil blends?

Our oil blend is formulated to help your scalp and hair reach their healthiest potential, as a healthy scalp equals healthy hair. It contains the best ingredients known to promote a healthy scalp and thus, long, healthy hair. Conscious Essence Oil Blend contains the best-performing oils that actually stimulate follicle growth and maximize the growth of thick, shiny, healthy looking hair!
Our product works mainly by increasing circulation to your scalp. It contains 10 oils that are known to be scalp stimulants and creates optimum circulatory blood flow for micro-delivery of nutrients deep into the scalp’s follicles. They serve the scalp the most nutritious, beneficial ingredients for hair follicles so that you can have faster hair growth. All of the ingredients are the most researched and well-known choice of natural oils to specifically nourish the stubborn, no-growth hair follicles of the scalp. As long as your hair follicles are not completely dead (as found in certain types of alopecia), it can help to stimulate your scalp to encourage hair growth.
This oil blend is the hair growth product that will help you arrive at your hair length goals faster. Your hair follicles can optimize maximum output with regular usage of the ingredients in our oil blend.

What happens when you stop using our blend?

Because our oil blends do not produce chemically-induced and chemically-dependent hair, your hair will NOT fall out. You will NOT lose the growth gained because this product does not produce drug dependent hair. We actually RECOMMEND that you STOP using the oil blend with sulfur once your scalp is back to its optimal state, or you have reached your hair goals. You can then switch to our blend sans sulfur, and use only as needed. By optimizing, restoring, and nourishing your scalp with our oil blend, your scalp can finally produce the thickest, healthiest, and longest hair your scalp is capable of producing.
Who it’s for:
⦁ For those trying to grow long hair – boost its growth naturally.
⦁ For anyone who is experiencing thinning hair.
⦁ For anyone who wants to go “all-natural” in their hair care routine.
⦁ For anyone trying to grow in “virgin hair” after experiencing damaging hair colorants, chemical straighteners, perms, weaves, or other harmful hair styling practices.
⦁ For anyone who has dull, flat, thin hair and needs new growth to be vibrant, thick, and full of volume!
You can change the life of your hair follicles today. Your scalp deserves the best treatment!